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Yeast management

Optimizing yeast management for quality brewsYeast, as the brewer‘s most essential tool, bears immense responsibility for the quality of the end product. To ensure that yeast can consistently deliver excellent fermentation results, an efficient yeast management system is crucial.

These systems play a key role in maintaining yeast in a constant and physiologically optimal state. In today‘s time, many breweries use a variety of yeast strains. One significant advantage of such systems is their modular structure, allowing for easy capacity expansion. Moreover, various components can be integrated into the system to support yeast to the fullest.

A wort sterilizer ensures the quality of the initial substrate by ensuring it is free from unwanted microorganisms. Spent yeast can be inactivated using a yeast autolysis system before reutilization to optimize the processes. To prevent any contamination of the yeast management system, it is recommended to use a dedicated one-tank CIP (Clean-in-Place) system for cleaning the yeast tanks.

Precise and real-time yeast monitoring is achieved through the measurement of yeast viability and vitality using specialized in-line measurement technology. In addition to full automation control, these systems offer the possibility to seamlessly integrate them into existing monitoring software or intelligent machine solutions, ensuring continuous data collection and process monitoring around the clock.

Flexibility is a primary focus in the development of yeast management systems. If you have a unique concept for yeast management and wish to implement it into a tailored solution, we are ready to assist you. Our goal is to ensure that your brewery achieves the highest yeast quality and optimally designs your production processes.