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Efficient filtration for beer and beveragesWith M&L‘s Trap Filter, all types of beer can be effectively post-filtered, reliably removing diatomaceous earth particles and other filtration residues. The filter is also used in water treatment and sterile filtration in the beer, wine, and beverage industry.

How the Trap-Filter works?The filter housings, available in various sizes, can be optionally delivered as pre-piped units with all necessary valves and instruments for semi or fully automatic filtration. The customer can specify the housing material and surface finish. When used for the final filtration of beer, the Trap Filter is integrated into the fully automated filtration and cleaning process. It is back-flushed with hot water after filtration, preventing microbial growth and extending the life of the filter candles.

M&L‘s Trap Filter candles consist of up to 5 pleated layers of polypropylene support web with decreasing permeability and a highly effective filtration area. Furthermore, the filter candles provide precise and controlled filtration fineness with efficiencies of up to 99.98%. M&L‘s Trap Filter candles meet both European regulations for use in the food industry and FDA requirements. The filter candles are manufactured in a Class 10,000 cleanroom, and all polypropylene components are heat-welded, eliminating the use of adhesives or other binders. M&L filter candles are also available for other filter housings and connections.

Why should you choose our M&L‘s Trap-Filter?

  • The filter candles are known for their high performance in terms of filtration quality and their attractive cost-effectiveness
  • Excellent filtration quality, with Trap Filter candles specifically tailored to the given filtration task.
  • Trap Filter in hygienic design compliant with EHEDG and FDA regulations.
  • Trap Filter as a compact unit, fully prefabricated.
  • Short start-up times at the beginning of filtration.
  • Extremely reliable and cost-efficient
  • Easy operation, low maintenance requirements, long service life
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Individual adaptation to your needs

Performance: 30 - 1,750 hl/h (hectoliters per hour)

Number of Filter Candles: 3 to 56

Filter Fineness: 0.2 - 10 μm absolute as 
per β - 5000

Candle Length: 10" to 40"

Candle Connection for Housing: Code 7


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