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At corosys you will find solutions for the production of beer and beverages. Our process technology fulfils the highest requirements in terms of flexibility, user-friendliness and hygiene. Product quality is our top priority. This is achieved through individually planned systems and concepts in terms of design and dimensioning as well as construction. Because corosys systems do not come off the shelf. A comprehensive and holistic view of the production process enables customised integration into existing systems and structures.

Brewery technology#customcoldblock is our motto and also describes where our technology can be found. Starting with wort aeration, we supply the entire process technology for the cold area of a brewery. This includes blenders and carbonators, flash pasteurisers, water deaeration and CIP systems through to complete filter lines and dealcoholisation systems. 

Beverage technologyEvery product is different and nobody can say today what the future holds. Flexibility and expandability are therefore the top priorities for systems for the production of beverages such as lemonades, beer-based mixed drinks, cocktails made from wine or spirits. In addition to the components for inline production, such as dosing systems and carbonators, we also supply peripheral equipment such as sugar and powder dissolvers, CIP systems, water deaeration systems, storage tanks for syrups and other components including tank truck reception.

AutomationAutomation is also part of a system. We supply this in-house. Either with our own control software or seamlessly integrated into an existing process control system. This guarantees smooth commissioning and operation of the systems. The connection to our cloud solution ‘SmartMachine’ is always included for data acquisition and evaluation. But we don't just automate our systems. We are happy to supply new hardware and software for existing systems or integrate them into process control systems. Our automation engineers and technologists provide support in planning the new automation structure and carrying out the relocation during ongoing operations.

EngineeringAs a reliable and experienced engineering partner, you can plan your next conversion or new investment together with us. We combine your ideas and knowledge with our expertise and experience. Benefit from our global activities, which give us an insight into a wide range of processes and different and unusual solutions. We provide support from the initial assessment to detailed engineering with flow diagrams, process descriptions and design drawings, right through to production, assembly and commissioning.

ServiceOur service personnel are available to you quickly if the worst comes to the worst, as are the most important spare parts and everything you need to operate corosys process systems.
We can provide particularly fast remote assistance thanks to our remote service. Just send us a message and a short time later one of our service technicians will access your control system via the Internet.