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Gas Dispersion Injector GDI

Gas Injector GDI: Efficient gas dispersion & dissolution for diverse applicationsThe corosys gas injector GDI has a large number of applications when a high disperse distribution and very efficient and rapid dissolution of gases in liquids is required, e.g. aeration of wort or carbonization of beer.
Its compact and maintenance free design in stainless steel or higher graded materials, the consequent sanitary design and the high efficiency for a wide range of throughputs makes it unique for the beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

For the optimized application of the injector corosys offers a comprehensive service for the customer starting from the support in customer specific design of the injector up to complete and automated package units around the injector, e.g. a carbonization unit.

How does the Gas Injector GDI work?The corosys injector efficiently combines liquid and gas. Gas is introduced laterally, while the liquid flows horizontally through the injector. Mixing occurs in a specially designed chamber, creating turbulence and promoting uniform dispersion. This results in a high surface/volume ratio for rapid saturation and mass transfer.

A key feature of the corosys GDI is its vortex and cavitation mixing, which generates small, evenly distributed bubbles while minimizing pressure drop. Cleaning the system with CIP is straightforward, and the sanitary design ensures extended CIP/SIP intervals.

Why should you choose our GDI?

  • Inline-Injector for the dispersion of gases in liquids in a wide range of gas and liquid mass flow applications
  • Highly efficient dispersion and mass transfer
  • Minimized pressure drop
  • Product-friendly design
  • Numerous applications, e.g. wort aeration, carbonization
  • Customer- and application-specific consulting and design
  • Sanitary design, full SIP-/CIP-capable, GMP capable
  • No maintenance requirements, no moving parts, no gaskets, robust and compact
  • Welded or flange version for all in beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industry typical flanges
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Gas Dispersion Injector GDI
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