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Environmental statement

Our environmental statement

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It is our constant goal to minimize the negative impact of our daily work and our products on the environment.

The focus here is on reducing our direct and indirect CO2 emissions. We reduce and minimize our CO2 emissions through the following already implemented and planned very concrete measures:
By means of two photovoltaic plants on the two company buildings, we generate approx. 60,000 kWh of climate-neutral electricity per year. This is more than 3 times the own electricity consumption of our company at the location.

With a first all-electric vehicle we have been collecting experience in electric mobility for 5 years. As part of the ongoing renewal of the company fleet, we will use additional all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The goal is to cover 50% of our journeys in the medium term and 100% in the long term in a climate-neutral manner.

We promote the electro mobility of our employees. Employees are allowed to load their electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles at the company location. Electricity quota of 4,000 kWh / anno is provided per employee free of charge and tax-exempt. Thus, the daily commute is more than covered and is enough for a compact electric car for over 20,000 km. The charging infrastructure at the location will be expanded further.

We offer employees a lease program for electric service bicycles. This is also exempt under certain conditions from the taxation of the pecuniary advantage. This allows employees to travel the daily commute with an e-bike with climate-neutral electricity generated at the site.

A new, extremely fast fiber-optic Internet access at 600 Mbps enables perfect video communication, trouble-free work from home or the remote service of our systems via VPN. In this way we avoid or reduce the travel and travel times of our employees, reduce the associated CO2 emissions and save travel costs.

In addition to the measures described above for the direct avoidance or minimization of energy consumption and CO2 emissions, of course, the reduction of resource consumption and emissions of our products in production and operation is enormously important.

In the manufacturing process, we focus on purchasing equipment and consumables based on environmental criteria and prefer materials and products sourced from sustainable production based on renewable resources. We strive to anchor these values not only within our companies, but also with our suppliers and service providers.

Our plants and machines are optimally designed to minimize energy and resource consumption as well as direct and indirect CO2 emissions. This succeeds amongst others through the use of highly efficient drives, the realization of very high heat recovery rates in thermal processes or the complete redevelopment of processes. For example, we developed the first completely stripping gas and thus emission-free water degassing process and obtained a European patent for this.
Many of the measures described above cost little, some are cost-saving such as electric mobility or even in the medium to long term profitable as our photovoltaic systems.

It is important to publicize our social responsibility to the environment through transparency, communication and the willingness to provide useful information about our strategy and our goals at all times.

We also hope to motivate other small and medium-sized enterprises to implement similar measures and to jointly protect our environment.

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