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Tank Farm Management TFM

Tank farm management solutions for your breweryEffective planning of tank farms in breweries is essential, whether for fermentation and storage cellars or pressure tank cellars. Short distances, user-friendly operation, and high flexibility are key considerations. corosys offers customized solutions that not only accommodate the desired level of automation but also integrate technological, design, and ergonomic requirements.

Hose Cellar TFMflexOur hose cellar module, TFMflex, significantly automates the hose cellar. It handles inflows and discharges, as well as switching to a new tank. This module allows for connecting new tanks during operation and filling and emptying them oxygen-free. With quantity recorded during these processes, tank levels for all tanks are available, even without individual tank level measurements. Tank cleaning is also automatically performed via the CIP rail.

Pipe Fence TFMfenceOur pipe fence cellar, TFMfence, builds upon the classic brewery setup, providing a cost-effective, flexible, and user-friendly piping system for your cellar. The TFMfence concept is characterized by well-planned cleaning paths and the elimination of branch lines, such as tank outlet lines.

Valve Node TFMfullautoOur fully automated cellar, TFMfullauto, utilizes double-seated valves at valve nodes to control material flows. Well-designed piping concepts reduce the number of required valves and ensure pipelines are free from dead spaces.

Why should you choose our TFM?

  • Full Overview: Even in the lowest automation level, TFMflex, automation extends down to the tank level, providing a comprehensive view of all cellar processes.
  • Well-Designed Piping: An elegant piping design is crucial in cellar design, saving not only on investment costs but also offering technological advantages.
  • Effective Mixing: Our mixing system homogenizes tank contents using specially designed Venturi mixing nozzles while preserving product integrity.
  • Easy integration: The system is pre-assembled, pre-wired, and tested.
  • Fully automatic operation: Intuitive control with the corosys compass allows for effortless operation, or the system can be fully integrated into your process control system.
  • Everywhere in view: With our Smart Machine operational data acquisition, you have access to operational data and reports from anywhere.
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Tank Farm Management TFM
Individual adaptation to your needs

Adaptation to performance and flow needs.

Integration of any number of tanks, with the possibility of expansion.

Customization for individual supply and discharge lines.

Use of customer-specific components and brands.

Individual design and sizing according to your specific needs.

Options for your requirements

Turbidity measurement    Tank mixing system.

Tank pressure regulation

The new BEVMAG
The new BEVMAG