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Continuous Wort Sterilization System (CWS)

Continuous Wort Sterilization (CWS)Sterile wort is a fundamental requirement for yeast propagation. Typically, wort is heated in a propagation tank and then cooled again for this purpose. Since no heat recovery is possible in this batch process, the demand for heating and cooling energy is enormous. Through the continuous process in Wort Sterilization CWS, up to 96% of the heat can be recovered.

How does CWS work?The wort to be sterilized is first heated regeneratively and then with steam or hot water to the sterilization temperature. Flow and temperature are regulated depending on each other to maintain constant conditions according to the specifications. After passing through the hot-holding section, the wort is regenerated and optionally cooled with the help of a coolant.

The pressure increase pump between regeneration and heater ensures that the pressure in the sterilized product is always higher than in the non-sterilized product, preventing contamination in case of leakage. During plant shutdown, a controlled product discharge is carried out with degassed water using media separation based on volume or conductivity. When the plant goes back into production, the degassed water is pushed out with wort.

Why should you choose CWS?

  • Gentle on the product: The heating is carried out as gently as possible due to the low temperature difference to the heating medium.
  • Secure process: A pressure gradient and double-seated valves with balancers ensure that untreated wort does not enter the sterilized product.
  • Stable control: Precisely set sterilization temperature.
  • High heat recovery: Up to 96% of the heat can be recovered through regenerative heating, saving both heating and cooling energy.
  • Easy integration: The system is pre-assembled, pre-wired, and tested.
  • Fully automatic operation: Intuitive control with the corosys compass allows for effortless operation, or the system can be fully integrated into your process control system.
  • Everywhere in view: With our Smart Machine operational data acquisition, you have access to operational data and reports from anywhere.
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Continuous Wort Sterilization System (CWS)
Individual adaptation to your needs

Capacities from 25 to 1.000 hl/h

Adaptation to your desired sterilization temperature and hot holding time

Use of customer-specific components and brands.

Individual design and dimensioning according to your specific needs.

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Perfect combination with our solutions

The CWS wort sterilization system is the ideal complement to our YMS yeast purification system

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