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Beer recovery from yeast

Beer recovery from yeastReducing costs while maintaining quality is a crucial balancing act that breweries across all industries must master in the current turbulent economic climate. Rising raw material and energy prices pose a significant challenge.

CROSS FLOW Filtration (CMF) has been introduced as an alternative method for recovering beer from excess yeast produced during the brewing process. Yeast, a byproduct of beer production, typically contains about 10 to 12% dry matter and leads to beer losses ranging from 2 to 3% of the total beer volume produced.

How does M&L CROSS FLOW Filtration work?Freshly harvested yeast is collected from fermentation or maturation beer in a yeast batch tank before being processed further in the beer recovery system.
From the yeast batch tank, yeast is transferred to the beer recovery system (Cross-Flow system), where it is thickened in a batch process, reaching up to 20%.
The recovered beer, or filtrate, is collected in a storage tank and continuously dosed during the main-stream filtration.
After passing through the beer recovery system (20% w/w) and drying, the recycled yeast can be sold to the feed or pharmaceutical industries.
Compared to centrifuges and filter presses, yeast membrane filtration is designed to produce the highest-quality permeate (filtrate), including taste and clarity. Additional heat treatment or returning the recovered filtrate to the fermentation/maturing cellar is not necessary, ensuring significantly higher cost-effectiveness. 

Why should you choose our M&L‘s Cross Flow-Filtration System (CMF) ?

  • High quality of the recovered extract (beer)
  • High yield in yeast recovery through specially developed filtration and cleaning processes
  • Very short payback period (1 - 2 years, depending on brewery size)
  • Use of chemically and mechanically robust ceramic membranes
  • Significantly reduced water and cleaning agent consumption through targeted process optimization.
  • Minimal need for operating personnel
  • High microbiological safety due to easy cleaning and sterilization with hot water up to 90°C (194°F).
  • Modular, easy expansion of existing systems
  • Sterile filtrate using a 0.2-micron membrane
  • Low maintenance costs

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Cross Flow-Filtration System (CMF)
Individual adaptation to your needs

Specific Performance: >20 l/m2/h (liters per square meter per hour)

Number of Filter Elements: 30 - 55 per module

Filter Unit: 0.2 to 0.6 microns

Candle Length: 1,000 - 1,200 mm

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The new BEVMAG