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Separation of Media - Thermal Separation TechniquesIn the process of beverage production, the mixing of different components is a common practice. However, this process is only one side of the coin. The reverse process, the separation of media, plays an equally important role in the beverage industry. For example, during dealcoholization, alcohol is separated from beer or wine. During CO2 recovery, the released CO2 is not only compressed to the desired pressure but impurities are also removed through the use of different purification stages. Finally, rectification is carried out to separate foreign gases from the desired gases.
In the brewhouse, DMS (dimethyl sulfide) is stripped from the wort just before cooling using stripping devices, which not only enhances the quality of the final product but also enables energy savings.

Many of these separation processes are based on thermal separation techniques. corosys has extensive experience and a broad spectrum of knowledge in the areas of evaporation, rectification, and stripping. We offer customized plants that are specifically tailored to your individual requirements. The focus is on preserving the products, as this is crucial for the quality and taste of the final products. There are few substances that have not yet been treated by our specialists at corosys Food Technology, corosys Beverage Technology, or corosys Chemical and Pharma Technology.

In addition to the process engineering design of the separation task, great emphasis is also placed on hygienic design and cleanability. This is essential in the food and beverage sector, as many products become extremely sensitive due to the separation. A good example of this is the dealcoholization of beer, where not only the protective alcohol is removed but also the CO2.

Therefore, we have developed special cleaning mechanisms to ensure the highest safety while maintaining the highest quality. This commitment to safety and quality is a cornerstone of corosys’s philosophy.