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Yeast Autolysation System (YAS)

Inactivation of yeast cellsThe yeast autolyser is used for the reliable inactivation of yeast cells in spent yeast through heat. This spent yeast can then be resold, for example, as animal feed, creating an additional source of income.

This process is applied in the brewing industry since during the fermentation process in brewing, about 3 to 4 times more yeast is produced than is needed for fermentation. This results in an excess of harvest yeast that needs to be disposed of.

Our system is characterized by the precise maintenance of the heating temperature in conjunction with reliable autolysis of yeast cells. Additionally, we offer suitable solutions, in collaboration with our partner company M&L Consulting, such as cross-flow filtration, for beer recovery from the harvest yeast.

How does the YAS work?The spent yeast to be autolyzed is first regeneratively heated and then brought to the required pasteurization temperature with steam. To achieve the desired autolysis, the heated spent yeast passes through the hot holding section, where it is maintained at a set temperature for a specified period. After passing through the hot holding section, the spent yeast is regeneratively cooled.  

Because the heating of the spent yeast is done gently through a secondary hot water circuit, fouling of the plate heat exchanger is avoided, and valuable components in the product are preserved. The yeast autolysis system has been designed to meet the highest hygiene standards and is compatible with all common cleaning agents used in the beverage industry.

Why should you choose the YAS?

  • Product-friendly: Gentle heating is achieved with a minimal temperature difference to the heating medium, ensuring product preservation.
  • Stable control: The PU.F.T controller‘s control algorithm ensures stable PE (Pasteurization Equivalent) values.
  • High heat recovery: Regenerative heating allows for the recovery of up to 96% of heat, saving both heating and cooling energy.
  • Easy integration: The system is pre-assembled, pre-wired, and tested.
  • Fully automatic operation: Intuitive control with the corosys compass allows for effortless operation, or the system can be fully integrated into your process control system.
  • Everywhere in view: With our Smart Machine operational data acquisition, you have access to operational data and reports from anywhere.
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Yeast Autolysation System (YAS)
Individuelle Anpassung an Ihre Bedürfnisse

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Adaptation to the dry matter content of the spent yeast

Use of customer-specific components and brands.

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