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Perfection in beer filtration and beyondIn the world of beer filtration,  there is a wealth of technologies and innovations that significantly influence the taste and quality of the end product. M&L Filtration is the key to this pursuit of perfection in beer filtration.

M&L Consulting

Our longstanding partnership with M&L Consulting in St. Gallen, Switzerland, has proven to be invaluable. They combine the in-depth experience and knowledge needed to develop tailored solutions for beer filtration. We work with our customers to understand the specific needs, whether it‘s for a fully automated filter, a retrofit for existing systems, or innovative processes like yeast recovery - all under the expertise of and collaboration with M&L Filtration.

However, our reach extends beyond beer. We also provide customized filtration solutions for clear beverages and sugar syrup, always under the proven expertise of M&L Filtration. Our common goal is to understand your specific requirements and assist you in finding the best filtration solutions for your business.

Our product range includes not only filter candles but also consumables such as M&L stainless steel filter candles for diatomaceous earth filters, M&L polypropylene filter candles for trap filters, ceramic membranes for beer recovery, and additives like PVPP or ML FISTA - all in close collaboration with M&L Filtration.

Customers can rely on our expertise when it comes to the quality and clarity of your beverages. We take pride in helping you find the best filtration solutions for your business and look forward to a continued successful partnership with M&L Filtration, elevating your beer and beverage filtration to a new level.