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Continuous Wort Aeration System CWA

Gently aerated to the highest hygienic standardThe wort aeration system continuously and precisely doses sterile air or sterile oxygen into the beer wort. By introducing air in the form of the smallest bubbles, oxygen is optimally provided for the yeast fermentation, achieving a reliable and reproducible fermentation process.

The continuous process is used in the brewing industry between the wort chiller and the fermentation tank during the wort transfer. Wort aeration is characterized by highly accurate and reliable flow measurement technology and precise control algorithms. The corosys gas dispersion injector (GDI) divides the dosed sterile air into the smallest bubbles and maximizes gas dissolution.

How does the CWA work?Sterile air or sterile oxygen is supplied to the beer wort via the GDI gas injector developed by corosys. The injector divides the gas into the smallest bubbles and ensures that oxygen is dissolved in sufficient concentration. The wort line between the wort chiller and fermentation tank serves as the solution path. The control of gas dosing is done either with a manual needle valve and a flow indicator or fully automatically proportional to the wort flow with a pneumatic control valve and flow transmitters in the wort and gas lines. The aeration can be monitored and regulated via inline oxygen measurement.

The injector is flushed, sterilized, and cleaned with the wort line as well as the gas path including the sterile filter which is steamed. This can optionally be done fully automatically or manually.


Why should you choose our CWA?

  • High hygienic standard: The design allows for maximum hygiene and cleanability.
  • Microbiologically safe: A sterile air filter is included as standard. The gas line can be steamed separately.
  • Gas injector: Our highly efficient GDI gas injector has a low-pressure loss, is gentle on the wort, and ensures optimal aeration – all without the need for a static mixer.
    Easy integration: The system is pre-assembled, pre-wired, and tested.
  • Fully automatic operation: Intuitive control with the corosys compass allows for effortless operation, or the system can be fully integrated into your process control system.
  • Everywhere in view: With our Smart Machine operational data acquisition, you have access to operational data and reports from anywhere.
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Continuous Wort Aeration System CWA
Individual adaptation to your needs

Performance from 25 to 1,800 hl/h wort

Designed for sterile air or oxygen

Manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic execution

Use of customer-specific components and brands.

Individual design and sizing according to your specific needs.


Options for your requirements

Pre-filter for gas and steam

Additional gas connection

Wort cooler    

Oxygen measurement in the outlet

Perfect combination with our solutions

Dose yeast into the wort with our yeast management 

Install a wort stripper beforehand to remove DMS 

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