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corosys Smart Machine

Empowering efficiency and control: Introducing Smart Machine and Smart Customer SupportAs automation levels continue to rise in modern production plants, so does the demands for comprehensive documentation and data acquisition. However, for many of our customers, the available process software solutions on the market can be overly complex and costly. These solutions often lack the simplicity needed for presenting essential production data and an efficient tool for quick insights.

Our commitment is to design process systems that are both straightforward and user-friendly, a principle embodied in our SmartMachine application. With this application, we provide our customers with a robust platform for recording their technical operational data and establishing a seamless reporting system. The beauty of it all is that these capabilities are accessible and manageable through a user-friendly web application, compatible with any smart device.

SmartMachine offers a single-user dashboard that not only streamlines data presentation but also facilitates remote connections, enabling real-time monitoring and control of vital processes for real time decision making.

For customers seeking a higher level of service and support, we offer the SmartCustomerSupport package. In addition to the features of SmartMachine, this package includes access to a customized service contract tailored to your specific needs. With this service contract, we guarantee unwavering support from our team and offer discounted spare parts for enhanced operational efficiency and peace of mind.

In an era where data and connectivity are paramount in production, our aim is to empower our customers with accessible, cost-effective, and user-friendly solutions that make the most of advanced technology while keeping complexity at bay. Your success is our priority, and our SmartMachine and SmartCustomerSupport offerings are designed to ensure you achieve optimal operational efficiency with ease and confidence.

Why should you choose our Smart Machine ?

  • Redundant data recording and the automation software on our own hardware in Germany
  • Production data is available for 400 days
  • Set up own reports, measurement views and key figure analysis
  • In case of an error, the SmartMachine automatically reports to the corosys Support Center
  • VPN access with the possibility of remote control
  • Annual remote service including evaluation and report to the plant operator
  • One user for the dashboard and remote connection

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corosys Smart Machine
Individual adaptation to your needs

Acquisition of data points as desired

Definition of time index (second by second, minute by minute) according to customer's request

Individual ranges according to customer's request in ci

Reports sending by mail

Using via smartphone possible

The new BEVMAG
The new BEVMAG