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Mixing & Desolving

Optimal Beverage Production with Corobev TechnologyThe key elements in beer and beverage production are mixing, dosing, and dissolution. Whether it‘s carbonating beer or soft drinks, controlling the original wort by adding degassed water, or incorporating flavors and additives - precise measurement technology, intelligent control algorithms, and reliable inline analysis are crucial for success.


corosys offers its production lines for soft drinks, beer mixtures, RTD cocktails, hard seltzers, and more under the name Corobev. A Corobev production line includes various products such as the Additive Dosage System (ADS) and the Carbonation Control System (CCS). These can be customized and coordinated to create tailor-made systems with flexibility and expandability. Inline production with Corobev allows for a reduction in storage capacity, setup times, and cleaning efforts while increasing flexibility.

Corobev is supported by complementary equipment such as sugar dissolvers, CIP (Clean-in-Place) systems, water degassing systems, and solutions for media storage, such as sugar syrup and citric acid in tanks, including tank truck acceptance.

We also offer suitable automation solutions to ensure that the product consistently leaves the system according to recipe specifications. If you already have an automated system in place, we provide our control modules for integration.

These systems are also applied in other applications. Carbonators, blenders, and dosing systems, for instance, are vital components of beer filtration lines.