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Dissolving, Mixing and Dosing tanks MDS

For the optimal solutionWhen a beverage contains powdery ingredients, they usually need to be dissolved first before they can be dosed inline. This dissolution process typically takes place in mixing containers that are filled with degassed water. Even if a multitude of individual substances need to be dosed, the number of dosing points can be reduced by mixing several components beforehand and dosing them together. In the simplest case, all components are mixed together and then diluted with water as a concentrate.

Our dosing is characterized by precise measurement technology and our integrated dosing algorithm IDA. This allows for immediate compensation of fluctuations and ensures consistently high product quality.

Single, Dual, or Multiple Tank Variants

In the basic single tank design, there is a primary tank where all the components are introduced, mixed, and dissolved for a consistent solution. This simplicity allows for a straightforward process where, once the components are blended, the mixture is extracted and dosed as required. When the contents of the tank are depleted, there are two potential next steps: beginning a new mixing batch or initiating a thorough cleaning process to maintain hygiene and quality standards.

The dual tank system offers greater flexibility, which is especially beneficial for high-production industries. In this configuration, one tank doses mixed components while the second tank is prepared for the next batch. This dual-process ensures a seamless switch to the second tank without significant downtime when the first is emptied. The first tank can then be refilled or cleaned for another cycle, achieving near-continuous operation and optimizing production timelines.

For even larger-scale operations, we offer the multi-tank variant. This system can incorporate multiple tanks, based on production requirement. The beauty of this design is its modular nature; industries can seamlessly and safely combine any number of tanks, ensuring there‘s no disruption in the dosing process. Each tank operates independently—each can be filled, emptied, or cleaned without affecting the operation of the other tanks. An example application of this setup is the creation of a ‚syrup room‘, where different tanks can hold various syrup solutions, ready to be dosed as required.

Our diverse range of mixing and dosing system designs ensures that our solutions cater to industries of all sizes, from boutique manufacturers to large-scale production houses. This guarantees efficiency, quality, and reliability in the production process.

Addition of components in every sizeDepending on the size of the tank and the container, there are various ways to introduce the components into the mixing tank. In smaller tanks, this is usually done through a manhole. For larger tanks, this can be done through a suction nozzle at ground level in the circulation line, reducing the need for elaborate platforms.

The feed can be either manual in all variants, via Big-Bag stations, or by bulk material conveyance from a silo. Powder detectors promptly close the inlet opening and prevent the ingress of oxygen. Additionally, it‘s possible to introduce liquid ingredients into the mixing tank in the same manner. Furthermore, containers like IBCs can be emptied, and suction lances can be used to dose components from canisters and barrels.

Stirred or ShakenEach substance has unique properties, requiring different mixing methods. Circulating the tank’s content with our mixing nozzle is generally sufficient. The tempering module can also heat the solution, enhancing the solubility of substances like ascorbic acid. Shear pumps aid in mixing substances that are challenging to dissolve.

DegassingMixing processes often introduce oxygen. While oxygen uptake is inevitable, we mitigate it through special input methods such as a suction nozzle or pump. We’ve applied water degassing principles to the mixing system. Using a vacuum and a special distribution nozzle, the solution is optimally degassed. Additionally, mixing tanks are overlaid with an inert gas like CO2 to enhance quality and microbiological safety.

Why should you choose the MDS?

  • Continuous dosing: Continuous dosing allows for quick and seamless product changes at any time.
  • Perfectly regulated: The integral dosing algorithm (IDA) ensures a perfectly mixed product and autonomously compensates for fluctuations in the shortest time.
  • Customized to your needs: Every dosing task is individual.
  • Easy integration: The system is pre-assembled, pre-wired, and tested.
  • Fully automatic operation: Intuitive control with the corosys compass allows for effortless operation, or the system can be fully integrated into your process control system.
  • Everywhere in view: With our Smart Machine operational data acquisition, you have access to operational data and reports from anywhere.
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Dissolving, Mixing and Dosing tank
Individual adaptation to your needs

Individual dosing flow from 1 L/h (smaller flows available upon request).

Adaptation to the medium to be dosed.

Adapter compatible with the container or an alternative suction lance.

Use of customer-specific components and brands.

Individual design and dimensioning according to your specific needs.

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Use of the Blending and Carbonation System BCS for subsequent dilution and carbonation.

In the COROBEV COMPACT , you can blend ready-made syrups prepared in the mixing tank inline before the filler.

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The new BEVMAG