Wort Aeration System CWA

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Wort Aeration System

The Continuous Wort Aeration (CWA) continuously and highly accurately injects sterile air or oxygen into beer wort. The corosys GDI gas injector splits the air into extremely small bubbles, maximizes the oxygen saturation and in this way provides reliable and reproducible fermentation.

The continuous process is employed in the brewing process between wort cooler and fermenter while transferring the wort. The system is characterized by highly accurate and reliable flow measurement technology and precise control algorithms. The corosys GDI gas injector ensures quick and complete saturation of the air.

Advantages and functions

  • Continuous, accurate aeration of wort with sterile air or oxygen

  • Highly efficient gas injector, low pressure drop, maximum dissolution

  • Optional in-line oxygen analyzer

  • Hygienic design, full CIP capability

  • Easy operation, low maintenance effort, long service life

  • Fully automatic operation with standard PLC and touch panel

  • Optional integration in process control system and remote maintenance

  • Individually dimensioned and designed for each specific application

  • Equipment and components according to customer specification

  • Compact tubular-frame system (skid mounted)

Technical Description

Sterile air or oxygen is injected into the wort via the GDI gas injector developed by corosys. The gas injector splits the air / oxygen into very small bubbles and provides quick and complete saturation. The wort pipe between wort cooler and fermenter functions as a holding pipe.

The volume flow of wort and the mass flow of air / oxygen are measured. The mass flow of air / oxygen is adjusted in a specified relationship to the wort flow by a control algorithm.

The unit can be controlled by a local PLC with a touch panel or by a process control system.
Designed for high hygienic standards, all common cleaning agents in the brewing and beverage industry can be used for CIP cleaning. The injector is cleaned with every CIP of the wort pipe via a bypass. The air / oxygen piping is sterilized with steam.

Technical specifications

Capacity 50 – 1,800 hl/h
Aeration of oxygen 0 – 30 mg/l O2
Aeration of sterile air 0 – 30 Nl/hl sterile air
Sterile air supply min. 6 barg
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