Professional Articles

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Professional Articles

Over the years, we have developed some new products or new concepts in collaboration with our customers. On this page we would like to inform you about it. Here you will also find our publications in the most important trade magazines of our industry.

Output doubled with a modern dealcoholisation plant

The alcohol-free beer trend | After almost 30 years the Bavarian State Brewery Weihenstephan has invested in a new de-valcoholisation plant. This sets the oldest brewery in the world up for the future [...]

Open-heart surgery

For many small and medium-sized breweries it is a great challenge to carry out complex modifications during ongoing production without affecting the efficiency of the company. Brewers have often underestimated the upcoming actions, [...]

Economically significant effect

BLENDING AND CARBONATION SYSTEMS FOR BREWERIES High Gravity Brewing – is enjoying an increasing popularity these days. It is an easy way to save energy costs, produce beer economically and without making compromises [...]

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