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Serial number 1,000 for brewery Wittmann (Landshut, Germany)


For almost 18 years, corosys has been supplying the brewery and beverage industry with frame-mounted process systems, automation solutions and overall concepts for cold blocks in breweries or for manufacturers of non-alcoholic soft drinks. The order was placed at the last BRAU Beviale in Nuremberg and the plant with the serial number 1,000 recently went into operation at the Wittmann brewery in Landshut. The customer and supplier are highly satisfied with the results.


The master brewers of the Wittmann brewery have made a decision in favour of the latest water degassing technology on the market within the context of the redesign of the fermenting cellar. Corosys has been offering next-generation water degassing systems for a good two years now. The so-called “high-vacuum” degassing technology is based in the process on the usual column degassing systems, but does not require any strip gas, CO2 or N2 for the degassing process.
For the Wittmann brewery, corosys’ “high-vacuum” technology offers a number of advantages: No additional piping work for strip gas or exhaust air, thus no additional danger of the formation of an embroidered atmosphere in the cellar area. Highly efficient degassing of brewing water to less than 10 ppb without significantly higher energy consumption. Last but not least: no consumption of CO2 or N2 as strip gas.

In the short term, a conventional plant with CO2 as strip gas would have been cheaper in investment and maintenance despite the above-mentioned advantages, but the Wittmann brewery consistently thinks and acts in the long term.
“Fermentation carbonic dioxide, which we have to buy in order to emit back into the environment via a degassing system, was out of the question for us for ecological reasons,” says Adrian Kell, Managing Director of Wittmann Brewery.
One challenge in the project was the ceiling height of the cellar building. This allowed for a column height of just over 5.0 m. Nevertheless, the plant achieves a residual oxygen content of less than 10 ppb.
“After 18 years of corosys, we are very proud to have a truly unique position on the market with the new V2WD degassing system and look forward to further improving this process together with our customers,” says Stephan Dittrich, Managing Director of corosys. Wittmann and corosys will further optimize the plant together and thereby be able to offer an even more efficient technology for the worldwide demand for degassing plants in the brewery, beverage and power plant industries.



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