Yeast management

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Yeast management

Yeast, a living creature only about 5 micrometers in size, has a considerable impact on the brewing process and on the quality of the beer. Their vitality and activity must be positively influenced during handling in the various areas of the brewery. Hygiene plays as an important role as the creation of life-friendly environmental conditions. With our process plants in the field of yeast management, we create these necessary environmental conditions in compliance with high microbiological standards – from yeast propagation to yeast recovery.

Our solutions in the area of yeast management

The search for the right process plant can be difficult under certain circumstances. If you have any questions or would like advice, our specialist for the respective plant will be happy to assist you.

The aim of yeast propagation is the multiplication of yeast in one or more propagation tanks under optimal growth conditions, accelerated by the supply of sterile air or oxygen.

The function of the yeast autolyzer is a reliable inactivation of the yeast cells in the harvested yeast by heat. The old yeast can then be sold as animal feed, for example, and thus offers an additional source of income.

Capacity: 15 to 500 hl/h / 1,5 to 50 m3/h
Pasteurization units: according to customer specification
Heat recovery: up to 95 %

The Continuous Wort Aeration (CWA) continuously and highly accurately injects sterile air or oxygen into beer wort. The corosys GDI gas injector splits the air into extremely small bubbles, maximizes the oxygen saturation and in this way provides reliable and reproducible fermentation.

Capacity: 50 – 1,800 hl/h
Aeration of oxygen: 0 – 30 mg/l O2
Aeration of sterile air: 0 – 30 Nl/hl sterile air

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