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The DAS dealcoholization plant removes ethanol from alcoholic beverages such as beer or wine by means of continuous vacuum rectification. Extremely low residual alcohol contents of less than 0.04 vol% can be achieved in a product-friendly manner.

Entalkoholisierungsanlage ISOThe process is established in the brewing and beverage industry for the production of non-alcoholic beverages and is suitable for all common alcoholic starting products such as top- and bottom-fermented beer, wine or sparkling wine.

Since the dealcoholization process is applied at low temperatures under vacuum, the product is treated gently without loss of quality. Highly accurate and reliable measuring technology and precise control algorithms guarantee high product quality and process reliability. By integrating all upstream and downstream processes, corosys supplies all steps for the production of non-alcoholic beers and mixed beer beverages from a single source.

Advantages and functions

  • Product-friendly de-alcoholization of beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages

  • Vacuum rectification at low temperatures

  • Concentration of ethanol for further use

  • Optional aroma recovery and dosing

  • Mixing of the de-alcoholized product with water, mother beer, raw material, etc.

  • Optionally with downstream carbonation and flash pasteurization

  • Hygienic design with integrated CIP system

  • Fully automatic operation with standard PLC control and touch panel

  • High process reliability due to high-precision measurement technology for alcohol, CO2 and O2

  • Optional integration in process control system and remote maintenance

Technical Description

To dealcoholise carbonated products, they are degassed in a first process step.

The alcoholic beverage is then fed into a rectification column evenly distributed and trickles down in countercurrent to the upflowing vapors. Here, alcohol primarily passes from the trickling product into the vapour phase, accumulates continuously in the rising vapours and is collected in the condenser as liquid concentrated alcohol. Optionally, an ethanol meter can be used to collect the alcohol obtained in this way. A downstream aroma recovery system washes out the aroma components discharged with the gas phase and returns them into the product.

The precipitated product is fed from the bottom of the rectification column into a falling film evaporator and is partially evaporated. In the sump, the vapors generated are fed into the column, while the liquid portion flows back into the column sump. The process is carried out at low temperatures in a particularly gentle manner by means of targeted vacuum adjustment.

The de-alcoholized product removed from the falling film evaporator is then cooled by the incoming product which is still to be de-alcoholized. The subsequent blending with various components such as mother beer, water, recovered aroma, wort or basic material, as well as carbonation and, if necessary, flash pasteurization, enable the complete production of alcohol-free beers and mixed drinks in one plant.

Technical Specifications

Capacity 5 bis 200 hl/h
Initial alcoholic strength max. 10 % vol
Residual alcohol content < 0.04 % vol
Concentrated alcohol 70 – 90 % vol
Heating medium Steam or Hot water
Cooling medium Glycol or Ammonia
Options Aroma recovery, Inline dosing (Motherbeer, Water, Wort, Syrup, Flavor, Soft drinks, …), Inline carbonation, Inline pasteurization
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