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Syrup room

The COROSYS syrup room is a plant specially tailored to customer requirements for the production of a syrup – so-called final syrup or quasi syrup – which contains all the valuable components of the end product. Depending on the production philosophy, the finished syrup often only needs to be mixed with water and CO2 to produce a ready-to-fill beverage. It is also possible to produce finished beverages in batches in the syrup room. The necessary equipment and design of the syrup room is primarily orientated towards the recipes, the ingredients of the beverages to be produced and the number of filling lines to be supplied. We are happy to support you in the planning of your individual plant.

The syrup room is used for the production of non-alcoholic beverages such as soft drinks, juice and juice spritzers or in breweries for the production of beer mix drinks.

COROSYS is your first-choice supplier for the complete production process of non-alcoholic beverages. We offer solutions for diverse and individual combinations of liquid sugar, raw materials and other ingredients. Both powdery and liquid, low-viscosity and concentrated basic components can be processed. This makes it possible for our customers to produce a wide range of beverage variations.

Advantages and functions

  • Flexible and reliable recipe-based mixing of finished syrup, quasi syrup or finished beverage in various batch sizes

  • Exact adjustment of the Brix value of finished syrup/product using inline density sensors

  • Various combinations of processing steps in the syrup room, such as mixing, dissolving, filtering, cooling, etc.

  • Manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic blending is possible

  • Various recipe options and high flexibility

  • High product quality due to continuous and high-precision inline control technology

  • Syrup room in hygienic design, partially or fully automatic CIP-capable

  • Simple operation, maintenance-friendly design, long lifetime

  • Fully automatic operation with standard PLC control and touch panel

  • Optional integration in process control system with batch traceability and remote maintenance

  • Individual design and dimensioning adapted to local conditions

  • Use of components and makes specified by customer

  • Syrup room as compact, space-saving unit

  • Individual areas of the syrup room are pre-assembled on stainless steel skids and wired so that on-site assembly time is reduced to a minimum

Technical Description

Parallel to the production of liquid sugar, other beverage components can be processed for the preparation of final syrup and subsequent dosing. For example, powdery basic substances such as sweeteners, citric acid, colorants, thickeners etc. are dissolved in cold or hot water in a dissolving tank. Fruit juice concentrates are added from an IBC container or tank farm and flavorings are discharged from canisters using suction lances. There is no limit to the way basic components can be supplied.

As sugar syrup is the largest volume component in many classic soft drinks alongside water, the syrup room can be combined with the COROSYS sugar dissolver. The so-called final syrup is produced from sugar syrup (also known as simple syrup) and other beverage ingredients. Mixed in one or more tanks, the ready-to-drink syrup can then be blended by the COROSYS Inline Mixer COROBEV to the ready-to-drink beverage and carbonated in one production step.

Sugar dissolver and syrup room can be controlled by a PLC control with touch panel or by a superior process control system. Integration into a process control system is also possible. Designed for high hygienic standards, the systems are suitable for all cleaning agents commonly used in the beverage industry.

Technical Specification

Capacity up to 20,000 l/h final syrup
Brix-accuracy final syrup +/- 0.1 °Bx
Final syrup Brix max. 60 °Bx
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