Softdrink Mixing CSD

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Softdrink Mixing

The two- and multi-component mixing system CSD continuously and precisely produces carbonated soft drinks as well as sugar free beverages. It combines the process steps of degassing, mixing, cooling and carbonisation into one compact system. The preassembled and tested unit can be packed into a container and quickly installed and put into operation on-site.

The system is characterised by its highly flexible production options and its performance. The entire portfolio of soft drinks can be produced in a wide capacity range from 40 to 100%. High accurate, state of the art instruments monitor and control the essential quality parameters and guarantee the highest product quality.

Advantages and functions

  • Continuous and highly accurate production of carbonated and still soft drinks

  • The system combines all necessary process steps of water degassing, syrup dosing, cooling, inline carbonation and surge tank for the filler

  • High flexibility, high performance and wide capacity range

  • Fast and automatic product changeover sequence with minimized product loss

  • Lowest oxygen content in the finished beverage thanks to efficient degassing of the water and superimposition of the syrup with CO2
  • Hygienic design, full CIP-capability

  • Easy operation, low maintenance effort, long service life

  • Fully automatic operation with standard PLC and touch panel

  • Remote maintenance and service via VPN modem

  • Customized engineering and design

  • Skid mounted unit for container shipping ensures very short installation and commissioning time

Technical Description

The beverage water is degassed in a column under normal pressure by stripping with CO2 to residual oxygen values below 50 ppb. Here, the water is pre-carbonised with approx. 2 g/l CO2.
Multi-components such as single syrup, raw materials and flavors can be added continuously and inline to the water or a finished syrup can be produced in a mixing tank, which is then added to the water as a two-component system.

The syrup is metered inline into the water via a special valve combination. The water-syrup ratio is adjusted by means of a high-precision mass flowmeter and a control valve it is monitored and readjusted by the integrated °Brix measurement and control. Afterwards a centrifugal pump ensures optimum mixing of syrup and water. Optionally, the blended product can now be cooled.
During the subsequent carbonation, CO2 is injected in a constant ratio into the beverage. The corosys GDI injector ensures the complete dissolving of CO2 without any static mixers in the product pipe. In the outlet of the surge tank, the essential quality parameters, the CO2 content and °Brix are accurately measured and monitored. Only the finished product that meets all quality requirements is released for filling. A product recycling from the buffer tank to the syrup dosage allows adjustment of CO2 and °Brix at the system startup. Syrup and product losses are thus avoided.

Designed for high hygienic standards, the mixing system is suitable for all typical CIP agents used in the beverage industry and is fully CIP capable.

Technical Specification

Capacity 1,000 – 50,000 l/h product
Residual oxygen content < 50 ppb / 0.05 ppm, optionally < 10 ppb / 0.01 ppm
CO2-consumption water deaeration 0.4 g/l
CO2-supply min. 6 barg / ≥ 99.98 % purity
CO2-content product 2 – 9 g/l, optionally still soft drinks
Brix control accuracy +/- 0.05 °Bx
CO2-control accuracy +/- 0.1 Vol%
Colling media Glycol or Ammonia
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