Additive Dosing System ADS

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Additive Dosing System

The Additive Dosing System (ADS) continuously and accurately doses malt extract, hops products, flavors, enzymes and other additives to beer, beer wort and other beverages. The additives can be dosed from containers, canisters or a dosing vessel with an optional heating jacket. Both liquid and powdery substances, which have been dissolved beforehand, can be processed. In addition, the container or dosing vessel can be blanketed with a protective gas such as CO2 or nitrogen in order to prevent the oxygen content from increasing in the final product.

Additive dosing systems are commonly used in the brewing and beverage industry, but also in the chemical-pharmaceutical industry. Making use of this technology provides the greatest possible production flexibility.

The systems are characterized by highly accurate metering systems for volume and mass flow and precise control algorithms. Optionally the dosing can be controlled by in-line color sensors or other suitable in-line analyzers.

Advantages and functions

  • Continuous dosing of additives, such as malt extract, hops products, and flavors

  • Precise dosing in relation to the amount of product, with set point in g/hl or ml/hl

  • Optional in-line color measurement and control in EBC units

  • Automatic ejection of product and rinsing of system after each production batch

  • Minimization of product losses through inline process and fast product change

  • Hygienic design, full CIP capability

  • Easy operation, low maintenance effort, long service life

  • Fully automatic operation with standard PLC and touch panel

  • Optional integration in process control system and remote maintenance

  • Individually dimensioned and designed for each specific application

  • Equipment and components according to customer specification

  • Compact tubular-frame system (skid mounted)

Technical description

The flow of product is measured by an electromagnetic flow meter at the inlet of the system. The system doses the additives according to product flow with a fixed rate given by the recipe for malt extract, hops products, flavors or enzymes. The flow of additives is controlled by frequency-controlled metering pumps or by control valves.
For the production of beer mix drinks, multi-components can be added to the beer continuously and inline. Typical components might be water, single syrup, raw materials and flavors, with no limit to their number. But a batchwise premixing of a finished syrup in a mixing tank with subsequent continuous dosing to the beer stream is also possible.

The dosing takes place directly in-line and via a hygienic valve combination. Continuous dosing significantly increases flexibility when switching between beverage types and batch sizes. The complete dosing system is pushed out with water at the end of production and cleaned via the normal line cleaning of the CIP system. Product losses thus are minimized and the system is quickly available for further production.

The unit can be controlled by a local PLC with a touch panel or by a process control system. Designed for high hygienic standards, all common cleaning agents in the beverage and chemical-pharmaceutical industry can be used for CIP cleaning.

Technical Specifications

Capacity 0.5 – 5000 l/h or kg/h additiv
Measuring range – color 5 – 160 EBC, +/- 0.2
CO2 supply min. 6 barg / ≥ 99.98 % purity
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