Mixing of liquid or gaseous components

Mixing, homogenizing and dissolving are key processes in the production of beverages. There is hardly a beverage that does not go through one of these process steps in the course of its production. Two or more liquid components can be mixed or solids and gases dissolved in liquids.

Leave nothing to chance and use our many years of experience in this field for your application.

Our solutions for mixing

The search for the right mixing system can be difficult. If you have any questions or would like advice, our specialists will be happy to assist you.

The Blending and Carbonation System (BCS) continuously and highly accurately controls the original gravity, alcohol and CO2 content of beer by the precisely regulated blending of deaerated water and dosing of CO2.

Capacity: 50 – 1,500 hl/h
Measuring range – original gravity: 0 – 20 °P, +/- 0.0
Measuring range – alcohol: Measuring range – alcohol

The Carbonation System (CCS) continuously and highly accurately controls the CO2 content of beer, beer mix drinks, soft drinks and mineral water by precisely regulated dosing of CO2.

Capacity: 50 to 1500 hl/h / 5 to 150 m3/h
Measuring range – CO2: 0 – 10 g/l, +/- 0.1
Measuring range – N2: 0 – 100 mg/l
Measuring range – O2: 0 – 2000 ppb, +/- 1

The Additive Dosing System (ADS) continuously and accurately doses malt extract, hops products, flavors, enzymes and other additives to beer, beer wort and other beverages.

Capacity: 0.5 – 5000 l/h or kg/h additiv
Measuring range – color: 5 – 160 EBC, +/- 0.2 l

The COROSYS sugar dissolver guarantees a quick dissolving process for granulated sugar and thus an efficient production of sugar syrup.

Capacity Sugar Dissolver: 400 – 21,000 kg/h granulated sugar – (500 – 25,000 l/h sugar syrup)
Dissolving Temperature: 30 – 50 °C
Sugar Syrup Brix: max. 65 °Bx

The COROSYS syrup room is a plant specially tailored to customer requirements for the production of a syrup – so-called final syrup or quasi syrup – which contains all the valuable components of the end product.

Capacity: up to 20,000 l/h final syrup
Brix-accuracy final syrup: +/- 0.1 °Bx
Final syrup Brix: max. 60 °Bx

The two- and multi-component mixing system CSD continuously and precisely produces carbonated soft drinks as well as sugar free beverages.

Capacity: 1,000 – 50,000 l/h product
Residual oxygen content: < 50 ppb / 0.05 ppm, optionally < 10 ppb / 0.01 ppm
CO2-consumption water deaeration: 0.4 g/l

The Continuous Wort Aeration (CWA) continuously and highly accurately injects sterile air or oxygen into beer wort. The corosys GDI gas injector splits the air into extremely small bubbles, maximizes the oxygen saturation and in this way provides reliable and reproducible fermentation.

Capacity: 50 – 1,800 hl/h
Aeration of oxygen: 0 – 30 mg/l O2
Aeration of sterile air: 0 – 30 Nl/hl sterile air

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