TRAP Filter

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TRAP Filter

With the corosys trap filter, all beers can be effectively post-filtered and reliably freed from diatomaceous earth particles and other filtration particles. The filter is also used in water treatment, filtration in the food, wine and beverage industries and reverse osmosis.

The filter cartridges are characterized by their high performance in terms of filtration quality and their excellent cost-benefit ratio.

Advantages and functions

  • Excellent filtration quality

  • Highly reliable and cost efficient

  • Trap-Filter with hygienic design according to EHEDG and FDA regulations

  • Short start-up times at the beginning of the filtration process

  • Easy operation, low maintenance effort, long service life

  • Compact tubular frame system, skid mounted

  • Low installation costs

  • Short start up / commissioning

Technical Description

The filter housings in the various sizes are optionally available as skid-mounted units with all necessary valves and measuring devices as semi- or fully automatic filters. Housing material and surface quality can be specified by the customer.

When used for the final filtration of beer, the trap filter is integrated into the fully automatic filtration and cleaning process. It is backwashed with hot water after filtration is complete, which prevents microbial growth and extends the life of the filter cartridges.

Trap filter cartridges from corosys contain up to 5 pleated layers of polypropylene supporting fleece with decreasing permeability and a highly effective filtration surface. Furthermore, the filter cartridges provide accurate and controlled filtration fineness with efficiencies up to 99.98%.

Trap filter cartridges from corosys meet the European guidelines for use in the food industry as well as the FDA regulations. The filter cartridges are manufactured in a class 10,000 clean room and all polypropylene components are joined together by thermo welding so that no adhesives or other bonding agents are used.

Our filter cartridges can also be compatible with other filter housings and connections.

Technical Specification

Capacity 30 – 600 hl/h (others on request)
Number of cartridges 3 – 52
Pore size 0.6 – 40 μm absolute
Cartridge length 25 – 76 cm
Cartridge adapter Code 7
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