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DE Candle Filter

The DE Candle Filter System DEF filters all types of beers, provides lowest turbidity values, reliable and cost efficient.

The state of the art metallic filter candles are maintenance free and have a very long lifetime.
The long slim design of the filter vessel stands for reduced volume of beer-water mixing phase and minimizes beer losses.

The system comes in a standard execution and capacities with semi or fully automatic automation. It can be customized to your process and capacity requirements, combined with Trap Filters, buffer tanks, carbonation, blending, flash pasteurizer, CIP system and all other equipment between fermentation and bright beer tank cellar.

Advantages and functions

  • Excellent filtration quality with lowest turbidity values

  • Highly reliable and cost efficient

  • Easy operation, low maintenance effort, long service life

  • Hygienic design, full CIP-capability

  • Semi to fully automatic operation with standard PLC and touch panel

  • Remote maintenance and service via VPN modem

  • Optional integration of filtration into process control system

  • Individually dimensioned and designed for each specific application

  • Equipment and components according to customer specification

  • Filtration as compact tubular-frame system (skid mounted)

  • Low installation costs

  • Short start up / commissioning

Technical description

To achieve excellent filtration results stainless steel filter candles are used as the carrier for the DE (Kieselguhr). The candles are first covered with coarse and subsequently with finer DE type.
The so-called „pre-coat“ is the basis for the good beer filtration effect. The first pre-coat with coarse DE type is injected into the filter internal recirculation loop filled with de-aerated water, and the whole process takes approx. 15 minutes. The same happens with second pre-coat where medium and/or fine DE types are used.

After the pre-coat has been done, the de-aerated water inside the filter is pushed out with unfiltered beer until the necessary sales gravity at the inlet of the bright beer tank has been reached.
The re-use (re-covering) of the beer/de-aerated water mix guarantees very low extract losses and very short down times. During whole filtration process some DE is injected into the main beer flow at the inlet of the candle filter to avoid a fast blocking (delta p) of the DE cake.

At the end of the filtration process beer is pushed out with de-aerated water, and as soon as the extract value is below sales gravity, the beer / de-aerated water mix is recovered for adding it during the next filtration cycle.

Technical specification

Capacity 30 / 60 / 110 hl/h (others on request)
Expected filtration volume / batch 380 / 640 / 1100 hl
Production per year 56,000 / 90,000 / 160,000 hl
PLC Siemens or Rockwell
Pumps Evoguard / Fristam / Bredel
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