Cleaning in Place

In order to achieve microbiological safety and an outstanding product quality, reliable and regular removal of contaminations is essential. Factors such as concentration, time and temperature play just as an important role as minimizing the volume of water and waste water, as these are associated with high costs and fees. CIP (Cleaning in Place) has established itself as a standard cleaning method in the field of beverage production. We can offer you the full range of CIP equipment and know-how.


Our solutions for cleaning

The search for the right cleaning process can be difficult. If you have any questions or would like advice, our specialists will be happy to assist you.

The corosys CIP plant cleans hot or cold by using various cleaning detergents and accessories, process plants, tanks and filling systems. The CIP plant has to remove mineral and biological residues, any other dirt and germs and finally disinfect and sterilize the plant components.

Capacity: 10 to 300 m3/h
Heating media: steam or hot water
Number of CIP tanks: max. 7

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