Filtration audits & Modernizations

Filtration audits & Modernizations2020-01-20T13:42:44+01:00

Filtration audits & Modernizations

Reliable and efficient beer filtration is the basis of a high-quality beer. The filtration is one of the most complicated and expensive steps during the brewing process – so it is particularly worth optimizing it.

Our partner company M&L Consulting carries out comprehensive audits as a basis for process optimization. Experienced employees thoroughly analyze the actual condition of your filtration and suggest optimal solutions, improvements or modernizations. We are happy to put these suggestions into practice.

What is important for us and for you is fast, realistic and objective advice, in which we share our complex technical know-how with you. In addition, our audits and modifications are independent of the filtration type installed and the manufacturer of the system.

This results in considerable advantages for you, such as

  • capacity increases of up to 30%
  • quality improvement
  • saving of resources and energy
  • cost reduction
  • gain of time
  • improving the sustainability of production
  • cost-efficient modernisation processes
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