Time is money! Every minute that your production comes to a standstill costs your company large sums of money. So play it safe and minimize the unplanned downtime of your systems.
Our service personnel is quickly available to you in case of emergency, as well as the most important spare parts and everything that is necessary for the operation of the corosys process systems.

Thanks to our remote service, we are able to provide particularly fast assistance from a distance. Just send us a message and a short time later one of our service technicians will access your control system via the Internet.

We will also be happy to offer you competent advice in the areas of engineering, filtration and process audits. We check the actual condition of your plant and present you with suitable solutions. These enable you to produce more cost-efficiently, more environmentally friendly and with less product damage. Sometimes even small modifications can significantly improve the production process and pay for themselves within a very short time. Let’s talk about it together and find a suitable solution.


Our service offers

Do you have a service case? Then please use our ticket portal at Or contact us by phone at
+49 (0) 6122 / 70 75 175 during our service hours.

Our service hours:
Monday – Thursday: 09:00 am – 05:00 pm
Friday: 09:00 am – 2:00 pm

As the degree of automation increases, so do the requirements for documentation and data acquisition in every production plant. For many of our customers many process software solutions are too extensive and expensive. The benefits, namely the simple presentation of essential production data and a service tool that provides a quick overview, are not available.

You are looking for a reliable and experienced engineering partner, with whom you can plan your next modification or your next new investment together. Then you have come to the right place, because we combine your ideas and knowledge with our know-how and experience. Benefit from our worldwide activities, because they give us an insight into various processes as well as different and unusual approaches to solutions.

Reliable and efficient beer filtration is the basis of a high-quality beer.
Our partner company M&L Consulting carries out comprehensive audits as a basis for process optimization. Experienced employees thoroughly analyze the actual condition of your filtration and suggest optimal solutions, improvements or modernizations. We are happy to put these suggestions into practice.

Over the years, we have developed some new products or new concepts in collaboration with our customers. On this page we would like to inform you about it. Here you will also find our publications in the most important trade magazines of our industry.

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