Project Description

When they were young, Chris and John Trogner were always inventing some new way to entertain themselves – like building skate board ramps, dabbling in car top surfing, or creating a homemade cannon. And while their father was always shaking his head at their latest endeavor, you might also catch a prideful smile on his face.

When college approached they went separate ways – John (the older one) headed to Philadelphia while Chris took off for Colorado. With John finishing school and realizing he had little desire to jump into the corporate world, Chris found a new calling as the burgeoning microbrew scene captured his intrigue as much as the ski slopes. Before long he was homebrewing, and as Chris relayed near-mythical tales of guys making an actual living brewing beer, a marquee of lights flashed in John’s head, and he made the decision to join his brother for the Great Beer Rush.

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