Project Description

The Wittmann brewery can look back on over 400 years of history and is one of the most renowned private breweries in Bavaria.

But how does one turn two small Landshut breweries into one of Bavaria’s most important private breweries? Well: From the outset, the brewery has been carefully managed and brews good beer, which is enjoyed everywhere – and above all often -.

The roots of the private brewery lie deeply hidden in the Landshut brewery “Zum Dräxlmair”, which was first mentioned in 1616. Two centuries later, in 1832, the married couple Michael and Anna Wittmann bought the brewery “Zum Heiß”. The excellent beer and the prudent management of the Wittmann ancestors made it possible to buy the small brewery “Zum Dräxlmair” in 1862, thus laying the foundation for today’s Wittmann brewery.

The double wealth of experience from the history of both breweries benefited everyone: the brewery became more and more popular, people appreciated the drinkable beer and the hospitality – and Landshut got its liquid trademark.

With its success, it needed more space and so in 1905/06 the brewery moved from the narrow Landshut
city centre to the distant outskirts. But Landshut also grew and grew – and today the Wittmann brewery is located in the middle of the Achdorf district. Later, the administration had to be spun off, which can be found today in the historic Etzdorf Palace in Ländgasse.


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