Project Description

The Binding Brewery stands for tradition, pleasure and pure Hessian joie de vivre – and has been for more than 145 years. It was August 1, 1870 when Conrad Binding founded his own brewery and thus laid the foundation stone for the Binding brewery. The well-known Binding brand, with its wide range of products such as the finely tangy Binding Römer Pils or the aromatic malt-spicy Binding Export, with seasonal specialities such as naturally cloudy Binding, Binding’s or Carolus the Strong’s solid beer as well as the alcohol-free Braumeister Kraftmalz, today offers just the right thing for every taste.

In addition to the binding beers of the Binding brewery, the brands Henninger, Schöfferhofer Weizen and Clausthaler Alkoholfrei are also brewed according to individual recipes on the Sachsenhäuser Berg today. The fact that every beer lover gets his money’s worth is ensured by dedicated employees who honour and continue the great tradition of Conrad Binding on a daily basis.

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