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Solutions for flavor, concentrate and extract production

corosys offers a large product range of units and systems for the production of flavors, concentrates and extracts, among them units for extraction, rectification, evaporation and cleaning in place. IT solutions for automation and data recording guarantee a high degree of transparency and efficiency for the flavor, concentrate and extract production.

Overview of our solutions

Choosing the right product solution can be difficult. If you have any questions or would like advice, our staff and specialists will be happy to assist you.

Our solutions for mixing:

Our solutions for the separation of liquid mixtures of substances:

Our solutions for cleaning

Our solutions in the field of instruments and components

Automation for flavor, concentrate and extract production

We supply innovative complete solution packages based on leading control systems and software for the visualization and documentation of your processes.

At the same time, our automation know-how enables the perfect and seamless integration of our process systems in any other existing automation and process automation system.

Our industry alliances are your benefit. For example, we can deliver our process expertise as a turnkey plant with precisely the same automation system that is already standard in your facility!

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