The corosys Bevinar series

The corosys Bevinar series2021-10-28T13:47:26+02:00

The corosys Bevinar series

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corosys great lake. (Symbol picture 😉 )

For anyone who is curious and would like to learn about beer and drinks: We are pleased to offer you our free monthly webinar sessions!

Bevinar is the symbiosis of beverage and webinar. We started the first Bevinar with the topic of carbonation and blending. Stefan Meyering and Jan Oertli spoke about innovations and basics.

Bevinar with Störtebeker at the end of February
Since the first Bevinar was a complete success for us, we decided to continue the series! So we can mention our next highlight in cooperation with the brewery Störtebeker in February 2021. A Bevinar on the topic of dealcoholisation with a live beer tasting. We are curious to see how our customers and interested parties will receive this Bevinar.

Next Bevinar 25.02.2021 @ 17:00 – 18:00 (cet)

Bevinar III – De-alcoholisation with live tasting

After two successful Bevinar evenings with our friends and customers from corosys, we are looking forward to a real highlight at the beginning of 2021. For this, our presenters Jan Oertli and Stefan Meyering want to bring the 3rd Bevinar to your home on 25.02.2021. Because the topic “dealcoholisation” will be accompanied by a live beer tasting – absolutely free of charge. Together we will taste beers that have been produced in dealcoholisation plants from our company. Our partners from the “Störtebeker Braumanufaktur” are sending their innovation manager and beer sommelier Jens Reineke into the field for this. We feel honoured and are curious to hear what he has to say about the beers that have been created with the corosys systems.

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