With VPN router and IIoT gateway to the smart machine

With VPN router and IIoT gateway to the smart machine

In many areas it is currently a matter of making existing plants fit for the future. This also applies to the Carl Jung Winery, which has been producing non-alcoholic wine and sparkling wine for more than 100 years. Its dealcoholization plant has been adapted to today’s production requirements using, among other things, routers and IIoT communication technology from Wachendorff Prozesstechnik and the KPI dashboard of its subsidiary Visualys.

01 The dealcoholisation plant of the Carl Jung Winery is older, but can still be operated economically. In order to ensure that this is still the case, Corosys has equipped the system and the associated control cabinet with up-to-date automation components as part of retrofit procedures. This enables important data to be collected, evaluated and visualized in order to ensure product quality, meet legal requirements and operate predictive maintenance.

The Rüdesheimer Weinkellerei Carl Jung [1] was founded in 1868 as a family business. From the very beginning, the owners’ aim was to improve the quality of their products and to develop new production processes. One example of the company’s innovative spirit is the vacuum extraction process, a method for the gentle dealcoholisation of wines, which Dr. Carl Jung invented more than 100 years ago. Today, industrial data management and digitalization are at the forefront of production optimization. For this purpose, cooperation with automation professionals in these fields is often relied upon. Therefore, stable connectivity, absolute data security at all levels and constant availability are of great importance. Among other things, Carl Jung relies on Corosys for these requirements [2]. In addition to its machines and systems, Corosys also supplies the system for the acquisition and customized visualization of process data, acting as a system integrator. Under the label “Smart Machine” predictive models of the technical condition of the equipment are possible, for example for predictive maintenance, but also for detailed and reliable statements on process progress and product quality.
Corosys uses routers and IIoT communication gateways from the Ewon series by Wachendorff [3] as important components in the overall technical concept. The visualization of important key indicators is carried out on site by the KPI dashboard from Visualys [4], a corporate start-up of the Wachendorff Group.

02 The switch cabinet is made of stainless steel. This is necessary in the rough, often humid environment of a winery

Technical progress in the winery

So that people who don’t drink alcohol can also enjoy the Rheingau wine specialties, non-alcoholic wine has been produced at Boosenburg Castle in Ruedesheim/R. since 1907 using the “Carl Jung Method” (patented by the Imperial Patent Office). This wine is now sold in more than 30 countries.

In the course of the modernization of the bottling (Fig. 1) Carl Jung had to look for new possibilities to make the production process more efficient. This provided Corosys with the opportunity to implement an automatic wine filtration system including a CIP (Cleaning in Place) system for the entire bottling process. This is a method of cleaning production facilities and pipelines. The plant is cleaned – without prior dismantling – in a circular or continuous process.
In particular, the automatic cleaning, sterilization and validation of the filter system saves time in the filling preparation and ensures a consistently good cleaning result. By monitoring the pressure losses, blocked filter elements can be detected and cleaned at an early stage before a complete cleaning is necessary.
The challenge with the CIP system was to install it in a small space. Caustic and acid are automatically dosed from IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers; large rectangular-shaped containers for liquid and free-flowing substances), set up in the chemicals storage area, until the desired concentration is reached. This ensures greater safety when handling the hazardous substances. There are various automatic programs for the cleaning process, which provide flexibility. In this way, the individual systems can be cleaned independently of each other. An automatic, time-controlled start preparation for the start of filling at the beginning of the week has also been implemented, for example after a long downtime over the weekend.

Focus on customer orientation

Corosys defines itself as a machine or plant manufacturer that optimally implements the specific requirements of the individual customer. Accordingly, hardware and software as well as support and service, which are closely linked to the respective plant, are adapted to the requirements of the customer (Figures 2 and 3).
The company also supports its customers in the efficient and trouble-free operation of their plants. The global orientation and high export rates of Carl-Jung products in particular mean that product safety and traceability requirements are becoming increasingly demanding. This is where the specialists provide support with their smart machine interface: The plant control system is connected to the Corosys customer database via an encrypted VPN connection. All process and machine data are stored in a redundant database. The Ewon Flexy 205 series VPN routers from Wachendorff Prozesstechnik are used for connectivity. The classic remote access by Corosys service technicians to the customer’s plants via the Internet is obligatory and has been used successfully for many years. Accesses are precisely logged. Alarming by email or SMS is also used.

03 Corosys carries out retrofits, but also builds completely new plants and exports them worldwide. As a result, new situations concerning control technology arise again and again. At Carl Jung the Ewon router communicates with a Siemens PLC. In principle, it is suitable for communication with all well-known control systems.

Always the full overview

If a fault occurs in the system that cannot be solved independently by the operator on site, the Smart Machine Interface shows its advantages: It is used to support commissioning and repairs and to ensure predictive maintenance. A requirement for this is the central collection and processing of machine and system data. For this purpose, the Ewon Flexy 205 remote maintenance router collects and stores machine data directly from the PLC and transmits it in encrypted form via secure data interfaces (Rest API). Within the connectivity cloud “Talk2M”, the router offers one interface for historical data (Data Mailbox) and one for actual data (M2WebAPI). The data is then collected and evaluated centrally at Corosys.
A service contract is concluded with the respective plant operator to specify which data is collected, who has access to it and for what purpose. A distinction is made between production, service and machine data. Corresponding user roles, linked with access rights, are set up.
In this way, Corosys can offer optimum service and support for the supplied systems on the one hand, and provide the system operator with meaningful overviews of production data and the status of his machine on the other. Evidence of cleaning cycles and other food hygiene standards can also be automatically generated thanks to the interface. For example, the fully automatic nightly system cleaning at Carl Jung is monitored by the Smart Machine Server and a daily cleaning report with all necessary information is sent to the production manager. The same applies to the production and monitoring of pressure differences on the wine filter system.

The system operator can connect to the user interface of the Corosys Smart Support software via the Internet to display predefined value, status and trend curves. In addition, the Smart Support software monitors the process data almost in real time. In the event of a limit value being exceeded, the alarm management system generates an e-mail and SMS to the production management and the Corosys support team.

KPI visualization on site

For the plant operator and shift supervisor on site, these in-depth options play a minor role in the daily routine. For him, the focus is on a quick and meaningful overview of key figures that determine the next step.
For cost reasons, system visualization via HMI or panel PC is usually out of the question, as is the case with Carl Jung. The display is done on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
The KPI dashboard from Visualys is used for on-site visualization of key figures (Figure 4). The young company of the Wachendorff Group supports its customers with consulting and software solutions in the areas of Industry 4.0, Smart Data and IIoT. There were several reasons why Corosys chose their KPI Dashboard solution: The Visualys online designer allows visualizations in a modern design to be set up with just a few clicks. No software needs to be installed and no experts such as programmers or designers are required. Numerous templates lead to fast and professional results. Access to the basic machine or system data collected by the data polling function of the Ewon router is easy to configure. The KPI dashboard from Carl Jung could therefore be implemented as required within just one hour.

04 The visualization of important key figures and key values takes place on the Visualys KPI dashboard. The access is web-based and can be accessed from any terminal with a browser worldwide.


Everyone involved, especially the operators, the technical operations manager and the management of Carl Jung GmbH, are very satisfied with the progress of the project, the implementation of the ideas and finally the quality of the products. The Smart Machine concept from Corosys has been successful.

Helmut Halmburger
Product manager industrial communication, Wachendorff Prozesstechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Geisenheim

1 Carl Jung GmbH, Rüdesheim/R.: www.carl-jung.de
2 Corosys GmbH, Hofheim/T.: www.corosys.com
3 Wachendorff Prozesstechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Geisenheim: www.wachendorff-prozesstechnik.de
4 Visualys GmbH, Geisenheim: www.visualys.net

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