Non-alcoholic with concept – Carl Jung – Innovation with tradition

Non-alcoholic with concept – Carl Jung – Innovation with tradition

The family business Carl Jung from ‘Rüdesheim am Rhein‘ has stood for innovation with tradition for over 100 years and has always been a pioneer when it comes to improving the quality of its products and developing new production processes.

Since 1907, non-alcoholic wine has been produced at Boosenburg Castle using the ‘Carl Jung Method‘ (patented by the Imperial Patent Office) so that people who do not drink alcohol can also enjoy the Rheingau wine specialities. The non-alcoholic wines from the Rheingau are now popular in more than 30 countries.

Carl Jung, a company known for its innovations, had to look for new possibilities in the course of modernising their bottling to make the production process more efficient. This gave corosys the opportunity to implement an automatic wine filter system including a CIP system for the entire bottling process. In particular, the automatic cleaning, sterilisation and validation of the filter system saves time in the preparation for bottling and guarantees consistently good cleaning results. By monitoring the pressure losses, blocked filter elements can be detected and regenerated at an early stage before complete cleaning becomes necessary. The challenge with the CIP system was to install it in the smallest possible space. Caustic and acid are automatically dosed from IBC containers, placed in the chemical storage area, until the desired concentration is reached. This ensures greater safety in handling the hazardous substances. There are various automatic programs for the cleaning sequence, which ensure maximum flexibility. This means that the individual systems can be cleaned independently from each other. An automatic, time-controlled preparation for the start of filling at the beginning of the week has also been implemented, e.g. after a prolonged period of inactivity over the weekend. System visualisation and operation is possible via any web-based terminal, e.g. tablet.

corosys would like to support its customers in operating their systems as efficiently and trouble-free as possible. The customer must be able to rely on the system so that he can fully concentrate on the production of his products. Especially due to the global orientation of the products, the requirements in the area of product safety and traceability are becoming more and more demanding. Here corosys can support with its SmartMachine interface. The system control is connected to the corosys customer database via an encrypted VPN connection. Here, all process and machine data are stored in a redundant database.

The SmartSupport software monitors the process data in real time. In the event of a threshold violation, the system notifies the production management and corosys support by e-mail.

The fully automatic nightly cleaning procedure is monitored by the support server and sends a daily cleaning report with all necessary information. The same applies to the production and monitoring of pressure differences on the wine filter system. All operating data is recorded in the database. The associated operating hours and consumption counters are clearly displayed in a web-based dashboard. Via this web interface, the data is quickly available at any time and can be conveniently evaluated at will. This should help to minimize downtimes and better plan preventive maintenance measures.

Everyone involved, especially the operators at Carl Jung, are very satisfied with the course of the project, the implementation of the ideas and ultimately the quality of the products.

corosys will continue to support Carl Jung in realizing new ideas. A modification and integration of the existing carbonation plant will be implemented shortly. corosys is pleased to have gained another satisfied customer in Carl Jung and is curious to see which innovations will follow.


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