In addition to expanding its own vehicle fleet with electric cars, corosys promotes the electric mobility of its employees. Employees may load their electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles at the company location. Per employee an electricity quota of 4,000 kWh / anno is provided free of charge. This is enough for a typical compact electric car for 20,000 km. Thus the daily way to work is more than covered. Together with the current 10-year vehicle tax exemption for new electric vehicles and the purchase premium of EUR 4,000, this represents an additional incentive for the purchase of an electric vehicle. We hope to motivate our employees to purchase several electric vehicles or electric scooters.

The electricity for charging the electric vehicles at the Hofheim location is now provided by two large solar systems on the administration building and a multi-purpose hall with a total peak power of 65 kW or an annual power generation of approx. 60,000 kWh. This more than covers the company’s electricity needs as well as those of electromobility. This ensures that e-mobility is actually free of CO2 emissions.

corosys GmbH thus makes its contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions and to the energy revolution. The investments only pay off over a medium to long period of time. However, such a sustainability concept can only be long-term.